Flip The Switch logoCan you imagine how you’d feel if you could flip a switch and free yourself from the things that have held you back from living the life you really want?

You know what they say about being in the right place at the right time…?

The time is now and the place is here.

Hello, I am Margôt de Cotesworth and I’m a qualified RTT therapist. I have been studying how our mind works and how life works for us for many years. I know I have the answers you are looking for. If you would like to press the reset button on your life to clear the decks for you to move forward into the life you dream of then look at the following questions and you’ll know if Flip The Switch is what you’ve been looking for.

  • Is there something in your life that holds you back or keeps you stuck in a place you don’t want to be?
  • Do you feel there are things in your past that still negatively affect your life now?
  • Have you tried other methods, unsuccessfully, to achieve what you want but something blocked you every time from breaking through?
  • Are there unwanted things in your life that, in your heart, you believe should not be there but you just don’t know how to get rid of them?
  • Do you want to make some real changes in our life and do it in a fast and effective way but need someone to show you how?
  • Do you live with some condition, fear or worry that you just can’t shake?
  • Have you had enough of how things have always been, you want a new and better way to live, and you want it now?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then Flip The Switch can help you because it is about the power to address and reframe the past, reassess the present and therefore radically transform your future.

At Flip The Switch we go directly to your subconscious to identify how your past has formed your present, your outcomes, your ‘looping’ behaviours and experiences. Once you see how that came to be and the resulting influences are understood by you, you see clearly that you have the power to change the things in your life that you don’t want. Isn’t feeling powerless the most awful, debilitating thing. And, on the flipside, isn’t being empowered the most life-affirming state imaginable?

It is totally empowering to discover that you own the power to change your life as you choose. To show you how that works is my mission. If  you want to take back control of your own life please read on to see how Flip The Switch can help. Don’t hesitate, don’t vacillate, don’t procrastinate.

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