What Now..?

We are so excited at Flip The Switch to tell you what we are creating. We are launching the first of our I Am Amazing online therapy programs to deal with that debilitating problem of low self esteem. We can turn that around in our 90 minute program.

Hot on the heels of this are more programs in the I Am Series that will address weight, health, feeling unloved, anxiety, and making a success of the money game. These components make up a truly balance life – like the segments of a wheel that fit to make a whole. We’ll tell you more about that soon.

We are also taking our tailor made I Am Amazing program to schools as establishing a strong foundation of self worth is essential for success in life. I heard it said the other day that if you want to know if you have done a good job as parent, look at the self esteem your child has. If you have engendered and encouraged high self esteem in them, then you have given them a gift for life.

Do keep an eye on what we are doing because it really is life changing.