Change your mind. Change your body. Change your life.

Our health is of supreme importance to us. Once you know that the way to change your body is via your amazing mind, you will indeed change your life.

Let’s restate the three statements. If you use your mind to change your body, you will absolutely change your life. We are surrounded by a very fatalistic acceptance of what ‘fate’ dishes out to us. You will have cancer. You will live with pain. You will break your body and not put it back together properly. Your mother had it so you’ll have it. You hair will fall out. Your knee will wear out. Your mind will forget. Your cough will carry you off…

Enough, I say! Who is in charge here? Who has the right – other than us – to decide if we life a healthy life or not. We have to stop meekly, weakly being carried off to the grave before our time and in no fit state to go anywhere. We need to put our foot down, our collective feet down and stop abdicating the deciding decisions of our life to someone else who may or may not be right, or to how we have things have always been.

I met a famous doctor once and she said to me – “Doctors are not God”. Doctors are fantastic and we love what they do for us, but please don’t let someone else decide what is ok for you and the outcome of your life. I read a clever book once where the man concerned got some kind of disease. He asked his doctor how many people survived it. The doctor said “only 3%”. Immediately, the man chose not to be of the 97% but to be the 3%. He told the doctor, “I am in that 3%”. The doctor cautioned him that he could not be the chooser of that, but the man decided that he could choose. He did choose and in the end he was was, of course, one of the 3%. Who would let a percentage make that decision for them?

I hope our life – both the quality of it and the date of the finish line – is worth looking more closely at in terms of our personal power to influence that outcome for us. We need to look at the science of how our mind influences our bodies and dictates our health. We need to say what’s been accepted is no longer acceptable. We need to believe we have a right to great health – to restore it and to maintain it. We need to understand the power of our brilliant minds – beginning with our subconscious blueprint – to take back control and dictate our own best and finest outcomes.

Change your mind, change your body and change your life. Flip The Switch on it.