The Ultimate Daily Meditation

The Ultimate Daily Meditation

Today I’d like to talk about the ultimate meditation. I thought about this and I decided I wasn’t sure I actually have one and I wondered if anyone would like to send in a meditation they thought it was the best they have ever come across. You could send that to us at I have a really, really beautiful message from The Universe on the subject and I want to read that to you.

“The universe is constantly dropping seeds of Wonder into your mind. You are part of a flow from the giving Divine to the receiving Divine in you. The flow is constant. It is only broken if you choose to disconnect or choose to ignore it.”

Isn’t this saying we are always in meditation. We live in that connection. I have always thought it’d be great to go up a mountain and live in a cave and tune in, without any distractions. But our lives are not like that, most of us, and for me the greatest achievement would be to be able to maintain that sense of your higher self, your greater self and all that goes with that – peace and calm, understanding and clarity – in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our lives.

I just love this message because I can picture that – the seeds of Wonder dropping into our minds. That’s what comes with meditation. That’s what comes with a meditative life and to be able to do that and stand fast when there is a dizzy world going on around you and everyone else is losing their cool. Isn’t there a quote about that? How to keep your head when  everyone around is losing theirs. To be able to hold your own place –  I think it’s kind of the ultimate really, so perhaps living a life like that is our ultimate meditation. If you have any feedback, I really love to hear.


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