How To Recognise When The Universe Is Talking To You

How To Recognise When The Universe Is Talking To You

The message today is how to recognize when The Universe is talking to you and I’d like to read you a message I received from The Universe on that subject.

“Many things can be signs. You are receiving signs all the time in a constant unbroken stream. The question is, are you seeing them? You’re being guided, encouraged, and led all the time. Can you see where this is leading? It is there for you all the time. The only thing that holds it back is you. Don’t worry or be concerned about this, just relax and accept. Just tune in and be who you are and what you want to be. Open your arms and receive all that you have asked for. Have no doubts or questions about the peripheral issues. Just allow, be it, embrace it, love it and give thanks for it, and then you shall have it.”

So, what the universe is saying in this message is that life is full of constant signs of messages coming to us through all kinds of things. I’ve noticed that sometimes we’ll be seeking something or asking a question, and we get a flash of insight or something to hook onto. It feels like an answer. It feels like our questions are being addressed and for that one moment, we get it, and then suddenly we let it go and we second guess it and we say, “I wonder if that was that?” Or “perhaps it was this?” Or, “I’ll think about it.” Or, “I’ve got to consider these other issues.” That’s where we lose our way. When you receive a sign and it feels in that instant like a sign, a direction, an answer, you must seize it and not let it go because that’s the way to follow through and to get what it is that you’re looking for, which is a connection that’s leading you somewhere you want to be.

I sometimes joke about it and say, “Oh, it’s a sign. It’s a sign.” And people think I’m being silly. And in some ways I am, but in other ways I’m very serious because that is our point of communication very often, and sometimes it’s like a feather that is so delicate and seems so fleeting. Our job is to attach ourselves to it, to hook onto it, because the more you do that, the stronger those signs become and the clearer your leading becomes. So, look for the signs and don’t let them get away. That’s the message from the universe for you today. Thank you so much for your time.

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