How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Today I want to talk about the law of attraction. Interestingly, I don’t think anywhere in all the  hundreds of messages I have received from The Universe does it ever really the use term Law of Attraction. It seems a relatively newly used term in terms of history but the concept is not new. These messages I receive  do talk about the Law – and how the law is immovable, immutable, unchangeable and unchanging. I tend to talk in terms of input and output. Sowing and reaping. This is a really simple way of looking at the LOA

If you plant a seed in a garden it will grow into the same kind of seed as the one you plant. It will not grow into something else. That’s the Law. It’s a universal, natural, across the board law. We choose what we plant and we will reap of the same kind. I’d like to read you something on that subject from The Universe now

Your life is composed of conscious choices. Choices to believe for good, to think the best, to choose yes over no, to decide on a happy thought not a fearful thought. Choose wisely and well for these choices are the very fabric of your existence. They compose who you are and therefore what your life will be

There is a big flurry that goes around the LOA – do you think it’s right?/ do you think it’s wrong? And I think that’s kind of beside the point really. It’s like a blind man saying the sun isn’t shining. Just because he doesn’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. So all of these universal laws are and in play, all the time in our lives and all we really need to do is decide, that we are going to plant good stuff to get back the same kind, because whatever we are planting is what we are getting back. So it really does put the power in our hands. Sometimes we look at our lives and we think “Ooh I never would have chosen that, I would never have done those things if I knew it meant that. And I’m sure I never did anything to attract that.” There is no point in getting hung up about that. Once you realise the power is in your hands, once you know this principle is at play, then you really need to be making good choices to be getting good results.

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