Heaven On Earth Versus Heaven Within

Heaven On Earth Versus Heaven Within

I wanted a bit more on this subject and I couldn’t think of what to ask so I decided to see what The Universe had to say on the subject of Heaven On Earth and I got the subtitle from the message below.

“I could say to you that one man’s heaven is another man’s hell or, for that matter, that one man’s hell is another man’s heaven. Perception is all. Is heaven a place or a state? Is it both? Is is something to one man and something else to another? Had it occurred to you that the reason you cannot think of a question regarding heaven on earth is that there are other more important matters for us to discuss. Some concepts are not ones you should fix on. If we are looking at priorities – the things that matter most then fix on this – the heaven within you. That kingdom, that place. Everything emanates from your inner man. Everything. Much more that you have yet grasped. That is where your power is. That is where your answers are. Go there.”


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