The Dinner Book

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The Dinner BookFollowing the TAKE 5 AND COOK concept of using 5 ingredients only, the first book in the TAKE 5 AND COOK book series, THE DINNER BOOK, will take you on a journey of seasonal flavors.

TAKE 5 AND COOK — THE DINNER BOOK is now available. Buy your copies on Amazon, or order directly through us.

“We do so need to follow the seasons with what we eat. There is a rhythm and harmony about seasonal fare that is reflected in the taste of food in its season. Not only is it more economical to buy produce when it is in season but it also makes cooking more fun and special if you make the most of what is available at the particular time of year, knowing that it may be another year before you make the dish again.

THE DINNER BOOK has taken the quintessential flavors of each season and created dishes that will enhance the way you eat and enjoy food at every time of year.”

— Margôt de Cotesworth

Make the Most of Every Season

spring_summerSpring and Summer…
Spring and summer are a time of anticipation and excitement, when we look forward to treats like asparagus and strawberries. Think of red currants, raspberries, spring lamb and new potatoes. And then we enter into the plenty of summer produce – tomatoes somehow taste better, corn arrives and glorious stone fruit reign supreme for a time. We celebrate this time of year with picnics in the park and barbeques at home or at the beach. Enjoy long light evenings and summer afternoons with these beautiful flavor combinations.

autumn_winterAutumn and Winter…
As the temperature cools, we look forward to the comfort food that comes with autumn and winter. The season moves, we pull out our ‘woolies’ and light the fire. This time of year offers us new choices — pears, apples, chestnuts, quinces. We happily retreat indoors and take solace in hot chocolate and old-fashioned puddings. The occasional offering of something preserved or dried can be truly appreciated in its opposite season but we let go of light, salad type fare and look forward to long, slow-cooked pots of magical offerings that, in their own way, are equally satisfying.

Simple and Fabulous Recipes

THE DINNER BOOK contains 120 simple and fabulous recipes, which will add a wow factor to family dinner time and dinner parties for friends.

It’s important to aim for balance across three courses so the flavors, textures and richness of the individual recipes are complementary. All dishes are designed to serve six but are easily adapted.

With a little effort, a few gorgeous ingredients and some beautiful tableware, THE DINNER BOOK will guide you through taking over the world at dinner time!

Readers’ Reviews

Click here to read David Burton’s review of TAKE 5 AND COOK — THE DINNER BOOK in the Dominion Post (18 December 2013); or read Anna Tait-Jamieson’s review in her blog here.

“Wonderful book Margôt… truly, a very different, useful and gorgeous book. I have cookbooks which are in a cupboard and cookbooks on display and yours will definitely take pride of place on my kitchen shelf. Love the organisation of menus. I am forever going through several books to find my ideal course combinations and then putting sticky notes in them to remember where to turn to. So your system is the best, and love the bookmark too. But most of all love the recipes, love the gorgeous photos, love the uniformity of text and photo and can’t wait to try everything.”
—Frances Underwood

“Hi Margôt, I am now the very lucky owner of a signed copy of Take 5 and Cook by your lovely self 🙂 Thank you soooo much, it is just beautiful and inspirational and I can’t wait to explore your superb recipes this summer and beyond. Love Jesse”
—Jesse Taylor

“Thank you very much for the wonderful cookbook. I read it cover to cover when it arrived and felt inspired to try dozens of your recipes. It’s lovely to see the collaboration with you and your family working together on this. I’ll definitely be buying a couple of books for Christmas.”
—Marc Lambert

“The books arrived today, thank you so much , very exciting!
What a beautiful book, well worth waiting for – it has inspired us to choose a couple of things to cook this weekend — great timing arriving for the weekend.”
  —Debbie MacIntyre

“Just finished reading cover to cover and gripped with excitement.”
  —Philippa Williams

“What a clever girl you are — is a beautiful beautiful book, absolutely lovely.”
—Vicki Anderson

“Love it! — it is gorgeous, generous and insightful, just like yourself! … and in more than one way – a dream come true!”
  — Jasmin Macdonald

“I had my first opportunity on Sunday to sit down and have a proper look at your book — it is fantastic — I really love the way it makes me feel that I can perhaps make what is in the photo and the friendly no fuss way of describing everything. When I give Dave and Steve theirs I can hopefully feel a series of ‘Take Five’ dinners coming on.”
  —Liz Cathie

“Hi Margôt
I have just ordered your book and am so excited to get it, I was hoping that this day would come after you cooked for my husband & I for my birthday at Greenmantle. Thanks”
– Lynn Simpson

“I think it’s a beautiful and mouthwatering book. I wish you all success with it.
Best regards,
— Bob The Printer

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