– the transformational power of positive words

The book series TAKE MY WORD FOR IT is about the transformational power of positive words. Carefully choosing the words you use, rather than using ‘old’ ones by default, can and does change your world.

What you think, you project; what you say has an effect; what you focus on is drawn to you. You can improve your life by choosing better words.

 Improve your life and relationships with positive words

Do you want to improve your relationships with the people in your life? Choose positive words in your conversations. Words have power… and if you use words that positively affirm, empathise and uplift, then you empower both the recipient and yourself. Yes — we can be happier and more successful people by using powerful and positive words.

Try it for a few days and see how you go. Take the first step in a journey of change for good. I guarantee that if you fill up your life with good things, there won’t be room for anything less!

You might like to start by reading the Fable of the Seekers.

 Books in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT series