Take 5 for Students: Barley with Smoky Paprika Chicken

Take 5: Onions, chicken, smoked paprika, barley, tomatoes. This is a one-dish dinner. I love barley and happily use it instead of rice in a recipe like this. I find barley nutty and chewy – it also takes longer to eat, so perhaps we eat a little less than we’d be tempted to do with… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Chorizo and Pesto Sandwich

Take 5: Rocket, tomatoes, cured chorizo sausage, bread rolls, (capsicum and cashew) pesto. Occasionally in life we need to cook, but we don’t necessarily have a full kitchen in which to do so. An electric frying pan, microwave, toaster or one of those little mini oven/grill things can provide the means to a hot meal…. [Read More]

Kate Sheppard Pie

Potatoes, minced beef, onions, tomatoes, carrots. Thanks to one of my children for the naming of this recipe… Because all Take 5 and Cook recipes have so few ingredients, flavour becomes all important. One of my favourite flavours is tomatoes simmered in olive oil. This is an important step in this recipe – it gives… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Trish’s Cannellini Baked Beans

Trish’s Cannellini Baked Beans Onion, cumin, tomatoes, cannellini beans, cheese. This is a super-affordable and very satisfying dish that my friend Trish made for lunch today. She is instructing my girls about knitting while I am catching up on some work – a little blogging. Knitting would have been fun, but maybe next time… Sauté… [Read More]