Do or Diet: Baked Ricotta

Pearl 27: Bouboum The French have a term “Bouboum”, which means overweight and dumpy. French words are so pretty, aren’t they? Well, this is not one that we want to be using. One of my favorite how-to-eat books, French Women Don’t Get Fat, is all about the finer things in life – the best food,… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms I made these lovely filled mushrooms for a barbecue recently. Being wrapped in foil meant they kept all their gorgeous juices and were more steamed than dry roasted. Remove the mushroom stalks and chop them finely, along with lots of spring onions and garlic. Add a little fresh, chopped chili and stuff the mixture… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Smoked Fish Dip

Pearl 19: Indiscriminate Cocktail-ing  “But what will eat with my evening cocktail?” Again, this question must be an occasional and not a regular event. If you are committed to being slim, you will discover a penchant for sparkling water in an elegant glass with a slice of lemon. You will decide (beforehand) how many glasses of… [Read More]