Sweet Things: Choccy Pud

Butter, brown sugar, milk, self-rising flour, cocoa powder. For some days now, I have been thinking with great affection about a hot self-saucing chocolate pudding – and now seems to be the time to do something meaningful about that. This is a very quick pudding to make and it’s very Shoestring too: a good thing… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Rice Pudding

Rice, milk, sugar, cream, vanilla. Sometimes I lament the fact that fabulous, classic recipes go out of fashion. I love the current movement both for reinventing the classics and also for serving them just the way they were. When winter is in full flight, one of the most comforting desserts in the entire world must… [Read More]

Chocolate for Breakfast

Sometimes in my household we allow ourselves chocolate cake for breakfast. This morning I indulged my children by making a chocolate pudding which we all ate with cream and no apologies. Ingredients: 60g (2.5oz) butter 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons cocoa powder Total 1 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup self-rising flour 2 cups boiling… [Read More]