Faux Chicken Confit

Take 5: Chicken, duck fat, potatoes, butter, milk. This is a lazy man’s take on confit. I confess to being fed up with the many little table hens stashed in my freezer. They are very shoestring (i.e. inexpensive), but also carry a notice that says that because they have lived for a year rather than… [Read More]

Humble Pie

Meat, gravy, potato, butter, flour. I have leftover turkey and gravy from Christmas, but this recipe will work for any leftover meat and a bit of its gravy. If there is no gravy available, you can use a spoonful of sour cream and some sauce, chutney or pesto – so that the meat is not… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Potato and Bean Purée

Potato, chick peas, (white) beans, garlic milk. This is a great dish to serve with sausages. It is also a great base dish for vegetarians. I confess to sometimes throwing whole potatoes (dirt and all) into the microwave to cook. Turn once during cooking and actually, you should also pierce the skin because they can… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Potato Gnocchi

Potatoes, eggs, flour, cheese, tomato sauce. I admit how delighted and surprised I was to find that this lazy-girl’s fast route to making potato gnocchi worked as well as it did, since mashing potatoes in a processor is a bit of a no-no – the most likely outcome of such activity being a kind of… [Read More]

Kate Sheppard Pie

Potatoes, minced beef, onions, tomatoes, carrots. Thanks to one of my children for the naming of this recipe… Because all Take 5 and Cook recipes have so few ingredients, flavour becomes all important. One of my favourite flavours is tomatoes simmered in olive oil. This is an important step in this recipe – it gives… [Read More]