Take 5 for Students: Top-Up Chicken Pie

Flour, cream, cheese, chicken, puff pastry. This is an easy, fun recipe to use cooked chicken for. If you have leftover roast chicken and vegetables. chop them up and put them all in a casserole dish. If instead you are starting from scratch, you can use a cooked chicken from the supermarket. These sometimes have… [Read More]

Humble Pie

Meat, gravy, potato, butter, flour. I have leftover turkey and gravy from Christmas, but this recipe will work for any leftover meat and a bit of its gravy. If there is no gravy available, you can use a spoonful of sour cream and some sauce, chutney or pesto – so that the meat is not… [Read More]

Kate Sheppard Pie

Potatoes, minced beef, onions, tomatoes, carrots. Thanks to one of my children for the naming of this recipe… Because all Take 5 and Cook recipes have so few ingredients, flavour becomes all important. One of my favourite flavours is tomatoes simmered in olive oil. This is an important step in this recipe – it gives… [Read More]