Do or Diet: Smoked Fish Dip

Pearl 19: Indiscriminate Cocktail-ing  “But what will eat with my evening cocktail?” Again, this question must be an occasional and not a regular event. If you are committed to being slim, you will discover a penchant for sparkling water in an elegant glass with a slice of lemon. You will decide (beforehand) how many glasses of… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Fish with Beetroot Salad

Pearl 10: The Guiding Principle Stop eating processed snacks and breakfast cereals – pressed, artificially flavored, colored and shaped things – like boxes of ‘frosted’ circles of multicolored, aerated rubbish that people give to their children in a bowl for breakfast. This must stop. Open the nearest window and hurl all that stuff out without… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Fishcakes

Pearl 8: Changing Thinking and Speaking We are going to change the way you think and speak about food. You are going to practice saying: “I am desperate for a salad!” “I couldn’t eat anything other than fruit.” “Just a wafer-thin slice, please.” “I rarely eat bread.” “I love celery!” “Nothing sweet for me thank… [Read More]