Sweet Things: Ginger and Apricot Parfait

Take 5: Sponge finger, crystallised ginger, dried apricots, honey, cream. This is an easily assembled dessert. You can make it in the afternoon and eat it for dessert after the sponge fingers have had some time to soften. I made it in wine glasses (their second best use is for desserts), which adds a bit… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Raspberry and Mascarpone Palmiers

Take 5: Puff pastry, sugar, mascarpone, raspberries, cherry conserve. As I am in my present nomadic condition without an oven, there have been no cakes or baking forthcoming for last number of weeks. I must resort to the best I can find ready-made. I did find an utterly delicious orange and almond cake which was… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Crème Brûlée

Cream, eggs, vanilla, sugar, rhubarb. When dining out recently, I had two lovely versions of crème brûlée. The first was at my favorite run-away-to spot, Ten Twenty Four in Hastings (New Zealand). Kent – star and chef served a quite substantial amuse bouche to accompany a dry ice cocktail – a brûlée served in a… [Read More]

Bake a Cake

Sometimes the simplest cake recipe can become a fabulous concoction simply by adding a most gorgeous frosting. This very simple cake is glamorized by layering it with a butter-rich, super fluffy, berry, whipped, cream cheese frosting. If a cake is a little dry, then add fresh fruit to the filling – this will rehydrate the… [Read More]