Sweet Things: Sponge Finger Sandwiches

Take 5: Sponge finger, sweet sherry, mascarpone, chocolate, toasted nuts. This ‘assembled’ dessert is a quick but effective one to put together. When sponge fingers come into view, my family immediately think of tiramisu – but tiramisu takes a good beater to whip everything, and I just have a bowl to work with while I… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Sugar Snap and Strawberry Stack

Take 5: Biscuits, berries, chocolate, nuts, double cream (can substitute whipped cream). This is a no-cook recipe – a very simple matter of assembling ingredients and so quick to make, you could really put it together after you have eaten your main course. I used strawberries but you could use fresh raspberries or blueberries quite… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Turkish Chocolate Confection

Chocolate, butter, cardamom, pistachios, Turkish Delight.   I made this confection the other day and found it to be quite delicious. I keep sneaking to the fridge to have another little piece. It’s like a grown-up rocky road. I used a pistachio Turkish Delight, but you can use any kind you like. If it comes… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Chocolate Nut Slice

Biscuits, dark chocolate bar with nuts, shredded coconut, prunes, Kremelta (vegetable shortening). Anything is better with chocolate. Late at night, first thing in the morning, and at any other time during the day – chocolate always seems to find a fit. Here is a very quick way of whipping up a chocolate confection. It will… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Choccy Pud

Butter, brown sugar, milk, self-rising flour, cocoa powder. For some days now, I have been thinking with great affection about a hot self-saucing chocolate pudding – and now seems to be the time to do something meaningful about that. This is a very quick pudding to make and it’s very Shoestring too: a good thing… [Read More]