Take 5 for Students: Barley with Smoky Paprika Chicken

Take 5: Onions, chicken, smoked paprika, barley, tomatoes. This is a one-dish dinner. I love barley and happily use it instead of rice in a recipe like this. I find barley nutty and chewy – it also takes longer to eat, so perhaps we eat a little less than we’d be tempted to do with… [Read More]

Faux Chicken Confit

Take 5: Chicken, duck fat, potatoes, butter, milk. This is a lazy man’s take on confit. I confess to being fed up with the many little table hens stashed in my freezer. They are very shoestring (i.e. inexpensive), but also carry a notice that says that because they have lived for a year rather than… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Top-Up Chicken Pie

Flour, cream, cheese, chicken, puff pastry. This is an easy, fun recipe to use cooked chicken for. If you have leftover roast chicken and vegetables. chop them up and put them all in a casserole dish. If instead you are starting from scratch, you can use a cooked chicken from the supermarket. These sometimes have… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Curried Coconut Chicken

Chicken, coconut cream, curry powder, garlic, mint. I found in my freezer a little “table hen”, which is a laying chicken that is no more. These chickens are very inexpensive but not very tender, on account of all the hard work making eggs every day… These particular chickens do have flavour, though, as they have… [Read More]

Chicken in a Bag

Chicken, wine, pomegranate molasses (or honey), rosemary, garlic. The place we go to buy happy eggs also sells happy chickens – well, chickens that have given up their happy eggs and so have had a rather longer than usual life. They are very inexpensive and take several hours to cook. I think they are referred… [Read More]