Sweet Things: Mousse Cake

Take 5: Butter, sugar, eggs, milk, self-rising flour. I have called this a mousse cake because the mixture is so light and fluffy, and the cake is very delicate when it’s cooked – lovely to layer and serve for a party. It has an outrageous number of egg yolks in it – but sometimes if… [Read More]

Bake a Cake

Sometimes the simplest cake recipe can become a fabulous concoction simply by adding a most gorgeous frosting. This very simple cake is glamorized by layering it with a butter-rich, super fluffy, berry, whipped, cream cheese frosting. If a cake is a little dry, then add fresh fruit to the filling – this will rehydrate the… [Read More]

Le Cordon Bleu

Last week offered an opportunity to partake of a little Cordon Bleu finesse. The city’s pâtisserie students were showing off their fabulous new skills, and a group of my friends and family met for afternoon tea to sample the goodies they had made. I am certain I can remember them all by heart – tiny… [Read More]

Fruity with Alcohol

I was sorting the freezer yesterday and found some ice cream I had made. It was full of sweet treats – bits of chocolate, nuts and coconut. It was time for a reinvention though, as we had eaten it a couple of times. I decided I would experiment with making a fruit cake, so I… [Read More]