Take 5 for Students: Rice and Peas in a Box

Take 5: Arborio rice, chicken stock, bacon, frozen peas, cheese. This is the kind of recipe that can be made with very limited cooking facilities. I had a microwave and only a square plastic box to cook in, but managed a satisfying one-dish supper. “One dish” takes on a new meaning. Put about 1 ½… [Read More]

Breakfast: Stuffed Croissants

Croissants, apricots, apricot jam (can substitute with honey), mascarpone, bacon (can substitute with sausages). I recently went camping for the first time in my life. In fact, it was a specific invitation to a ‘glamping’ birthday event. I loved it. Eleven women surrounded themselves with draped tents, candelabra, flowers, fairy lights, skin rugs, fine china… [Read More]

Beef Bacon Rolls

Beef, egg, wine, breadcrumbs, bacon. We need to think consciously about where our food comes from, our impact on the environment, our individual contribution of waste to the planet. Even one person doing one thing each day will make a huge shift if enough of us take up the challenge. If we all do it,… [Read More]