Sweet Things: Tropical Fruit Salad

Pawpaw, sultanas (golden raisins), sugar, pistachios, maple syrup.

Sometimes I get on a roll with colour. In this case, I spied some giant sultanas (golden raisins) while shopping. I was already thinking about praline so when I saw a large golden pawpaw, I knew what dessert was going to be: simple, smart, delicious.

Blog 117 - Ingredients Peel and slice the pawpaw. Soak the sultanas in boiling water, then drain and toss them over the slices.

In a pot, put about ¾ cup sugar and caramelise it in a heavy pan without stirring. Swirl the pan as necessary or move the pan slightly to prevent any one area from burning – and make sure you have an oiled tray ready. As the sugar becomes liquid, add a handful of pistachios or any other nut you prefer – then pour the toffee onto the oiled tray to cool. Chop up roughly and sprinkle over the pawpaw. Finally, drizzle maple syrup over and grind some black pepper to give it a little edge.

Blog 117 - Salad

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