Sweet Things: Sponge Finger Sandwiches

Take 5: Sponge finger, sweet sherry, mascarpone, chocolate, toasted nuts.

This ‘assembled’ dessert is a quick but effective one to put together. When sponge fingers come into view, my family immediately think of tiramisu – but tiramisu takes a good beater to whip everything, and I just have a bowl to work with while I am away from my kitchen!

Brush both sides of each sponge finger with sweet sherry like pedro ximenez (the most heavenly black sherry imaginable) and sandwich together with a thick layer of mascarpone. Chill for about 2 hours.

Blog 63 - Sauce

Meanwhile, melt dark chocolate – I used Belgian – with enough hot water to make a thick sauce, then toast some chopped macadamias or flaked almonds.

Serve two sandwiches per person, draped with chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. The sponge fingers will have softened and the sherry will have infused them. The mascarpone will speak for itself, the chocolate will make everything work together, and the nuts will add the final nutty crunch.

Blog 63 - Sandwiches

You may even be asked for the recipe!

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