It's Unlimited V1“Oh my goodness Margôt… YES!

These words ring through my body and arrived like a prayer at 5.55.
Thank you so much for sharing with me…

It is a huge heart expanding journey for me at present… and these
words a beautiful confirmation.” — Response from a recipient of a Word on 23 January 2013

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I began a little while ago to write these Words down, wondering if I should and if I should share them, and why me and what they might be for.

I never for a moment doubted they were real. In my deepest self I recognized the truth of them. As I moved into ‘receive’ mode I noticed these Words I have received contain a wisdom beyond my own, as I don’t know what I’m going to write before I do so. The things I write are very often a ‘revelation’ to me as I write them – ideas I have never thought of myself. When the message has been delivered, I stop writing, until the next time.

I have discovered there is a theme that runs through them and I feel so good and so on track when I receive and read them. There is a lightness and an easiness about the message — a sort of you-do-your-little-bit and I’ll-do-my-big-bit from the Universe that encourages us to just relax and enjoy the process of life. I like it. It feels right and it makes perfect sense of our quest to know what to do with life, what kind of attitude to have towards everything, and how to recognize the right way forward for ourselves.

I truly feel this is a message from the Universe for me and perhaps for anyone else who should be led to hear or read it.

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If you want more and you have a question you need to be answered, I will be taking a limited number of queries which I will seek an answer to, on your behalf. This will be a question from you and an answer through me — nothing generic, systemated or pre-formulated. It will be specifically for you and it will be for your eyes only.

We can all ask our own questions of the Universe and we can all find out our own answers as they are there for each of us but sometimes we get stuck or we have not learned how to clear the way or to listen and receive the answers. I can help.

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IT’S UNLIMITED — Personal Delivery

What if everything you were told about life’s limits was bunk? What if the Universe is, in fact, supremely logical? What if all the dots do connect? What if we are secretly super-beings with unlimited, unrestrained access to The Source of Everything?! Just imagine that.

In these messages, the Universe appears to be saying: just relax and enjoy. Tune in, pay attention, listen, then follow the leads you are given and it’s all going to unfold beautifully according to the Master plan.

This adventure called life can be an unbelievably exciting journey. We are connected to the Source of It All.

Remember, in these messages: The Universe = God = The Source = Who You Really Are.

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Feel free to pass these Words on. Share them, reuse them, but please acknowledge the Source.


As in all good things in my world — every good thing I have or am, I unreservedly attribute to God.
— Margôt de Cotesworth