TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — EVERYDAY is the first book in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT series. It is a 365-day book of positive words.

The Transformational Power of Words

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TAKE MY WORD FOR IT — EVERYDAY is a collection of powerful, positive words. You can actively create a better world by understanding that the words you use have power. Choose your words wisely as all the words you speak have a result. When uttered with intention and understanding, the power of positive words changes the world for good… starting with your own.

This book is based on the principle that the things we focus on are drawn into our experience, not what we want but rather what we actually believe. This book is all about the transformational power of the words we choose to use.

The words chosen have a dictionary definition first and then my take on how the word applies in this magnificent adventure we call life. So every day of every year, you can tune into a word that will infuse your life with new, creative energy.

You can step up, make a choice and action a change to transform your world with words.


Everyday Journal

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The EVERYDAY JOURNAL is a personal version of IT’S EVERYDAY. It’s the perfect place to keep notes and track your own progress.


Readers Reviews

“This is a brilliant and simple book that gives you the perfect resource to focus on to create an amazing life of choice. Make Margot’s wisdom part of your every day personal growth and enjoy the wonderful and positive transformation.”
— Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Take My Word For It — Everyday is simply a guide to good living. A collection of good words, powerful words and great words that will create good, create power and create greatness in your life and the lives of those around you if you simply choose to dwell on those words, understand those words and speak those words as often as you may.”
— Martin Thomas, Author of ‘A Slice of Heaven’

“I read this book in the evenings on a daily basis and found the meaning of these words and focusing on the positiveness of the words gave me a sense of calmness and strength. On waking each morning, I felt enlightened and more positive every day.”
—Marianne Yager, Expert and Mentor in Mental Health and Well-Being