Take 5 for Students: Black Bean Party

Take 5: Black beans, tomato passata, feta cheese, sour cream, avocado. Recently, I needed to make a vegetarian dinner with just one bowl and a microwave. Soak 2 cups black beans in water over night. Simmer for about an hour. Keep the water topped up during this process so the beans are covered. Drain off… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Date and Cashew Balls

Take 5: Cashews, dates, maple syrup, tahini, coconut. I always feel full of admiration for hosts who can cleverly produce a little something from their pantry or fridge when guests unexpectedly call. I know I feel I have somehow failed when I have nothing to offer in such situations. It’s hard not to feel tragically… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Greek Guacamole

Take 5: Avocados, garlic, cucumber, Greek yogurt, hot sauce. Pearl 34: 16-Hour Fasting Having diligently tried the 16-hours of fasting method (where you don’t eat from say 8pm till noon the next day), I can say that it’s good for self-discipline, and also for awareness of what your daily intake of food actually is –… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Potato and Bean Purée

Potato, chick peas, (white) beans, garlic milk. This is a great dish to serve with sausages. It is also a great base dish for vegetarians. I confess to sometimes throwing whole potatoes (dirt and all) into the microwave to cook. Turn once during cooking and actually, you should also pierce the skin because they can… [Read More]