Wow, another year is here to greet us. The very best favor we can do for ourselves is to cut the ties with the one we have left behind. Certainly take the good with you, but if there have been disappointments, they may stay with the year that has left us. For me, the most… [Read More]


We all approach December with mixed feelings, I think. We look forward to a break and celebrations, we wonder how the year disappeared so fast, and we try to balance all the demands of this time of year. My strong feeling is that less is more; that we should be selective about how we spend… [Read More]


This month’s toast is both looking forward and looking back. TAKE 5 AND COOK – THE DINNER BOOK is having its binding bound and ribbon attached. We look forward to an exact arrival date from Bob the Printer, but machines do sometimes have a mind of their own and Bob says we are delayed a… [Read More]


It’s getting cold in this hemisphere of the globe.  Friends and family are packing their bags for European climes, leaves have fallen, winter garb is being shaken out, comfort food is being sought. I have too many balls in the air to abandon ship just now, though the call of palm trees or sunny European… [Read More]