Valentine’s Day

That day is coming up. Valentine’s Day when the price of red roses soars and all the tables for two in town are booked. Of course, we all know that every day should be a Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t often happen. I am going to give you five suggestions for making life a little… [Read More]


I have always liked the idea of Thanksgiving though I have never been in the United States for it, so my family thanksgiving dinner last night was an antipodean version and didn’t actually take place on the same day as everyone else. We began the festivities by making a rum-based cocktail with ginger beer, orange… [Read More]

A Pretty Lunch

I had the opportunity to spend a long lunch with a group of about 30 women at Ruth Pretty’s lovely property just recently. Many of the women arrived by bus, and had time to play in the shop and be seduced by all the gorgeous color and food-related offerings. Coffee and cake is a bonus… [Read More]

Social Cooking

Imagine a group of 21 women gathering in a purpose-built social cooking space to celebrate impending nuptials. 20 friends, family and close work colleagues rallied, in their heels, to enthusiastically wish the bride to be the very best for the future. Work stations were set up with necessary ingredients and equipment while champagne was poured,… [Read More]

Le Cordon Bleu

Last week offered an opportunity to partake of a little Cordon Bleu finesse. The city’s pâtisserie students were showing off their fabulous new skills, and a group of my friends and family met for afternoon tea to sample the goodies they had made. I am certain I can remember them all by heart – tiny… [Read More]

When Women Gather

On Thursday evening I spoke at a women’s group – The East Harbour Women’s Club in Eastbourne, Wellington. The history of this group goes back to when the women in Eastbourne gathered to support each other while their men were at war. Unless we have lived through such an experience, it is hard for us… [Read More]