Do or Diet: Broccoli and Smoked Chicken Dinner

Broccoli, tomatoes, smoked chicken, mayonnaise, tuna Pearl 31: Just Say No I confess to a certain creeping roundiness of person at the moment, which I am not amused by. Could be the results of Christmas extravagance but it could also be just a bit of self-indulgence. Sometimes a girl just has to say no. I… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Baked Ricotta

Pearl 27: Bouboum The French have a term “Bouboum”, which means overweight and dumpy. French words are so pretty, aren’t they? Well, this is not one that we want to be using. One of my favorite how-to-eat books, French Women Don’t Get Fat, is all about the finer things in life – the best food,… [Read More]