Do or Diet: Broccoli and Smoked Chicken Dinner

Broccoli, tomatoes, smoked chicken, mayonnaise, tuna Pearl 31: Just Say No I confess to a certain creeping roundiness of person at the moment, which I am not amused by. Could be the results of Christmas extravagance but it could also be just a bit of self-indulgence. Sometimes a girl just has to say no. I… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Curried Coconut Chicken

Chicken, coconut cream, curry powder, garlic, mint. I found in my freezer a little “table hen”, which is a laying chicken that is no more. These chickens are very inexpensive but not very tender, on account of all the hard work making eggs every day… These particular chickens do have flavour, though, as they have… [Read More]

Humble Pie

Meat, gravy, potato, butter, flour. I have leftover turkey and gravy from Christmas, but this recipe will work for any leftover meat and a bit of its gravy. If there is no gravy available, you can use a spoonful of sour cream and some sauce, chutney or pesto – so that the meat is not… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Panettone French toast

Panettone, milk, egg, butter, fruit. Panettone French toast was our Boxing Day breakfast. Slice two panettone loaves, then dip into a milk and eggy mixture.   Fry in butter and serve with fruit – though actually, we served ours with sugared, grilled new season’s plums, fresh blueberries and yogurt. Alternatively, you could just thickly cover… [Read More]

Two Fat Turkeys and a Duck Stuffing

Duck, brandy, breadcrumbs, onions, turkey. This year I had two days of Christmas Dinners. The first was for two families – mine and my brother’s. There were twelve of us. It seemed that one turkey might not be quite enough, so two fine organic turkey birds were procured for the event. They were accompanied, unexpectedly,… [Read More]