Chicken in a Bag

Chicken, wine, pomegranate molasses (or honey), rosemary, garlic. The place we go to buy happy eggs also sells happy chickens – well, chickens that have given up their happy eggs and so have had a rather longer than usual life. They are very inexpensive and take several hours to cook. I think they are referred… [Read More]

Pot Roast

Pot roast, onions, garlic, red wine, flour. Dear friends recently gave me a big piece of beef pot roast which had come from a happy creature on their land. I recalled my mother’s pot roasts which we grew up with and decided I would try a Take 5 version. I was delighted with the results… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Potato and Bean Purée

Potato, chick peas, (white) beans, garlic milk. This is a great dish to serve with sausages. It is also a great base dish for vegetarians. I confess to sometimes throwing whole potatoes (dirt and all) into the microwave to cook. Turn once during cooking and actually, you should also pierce the skin because they can… [Read More]