Sweet Things: Cinnamon Cookies

Self-rising flour, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, egg. These are the lightest, crispest little offerings imaginable. They are good with tea, but could also happily be served with ice cream when something more is required after dinner. Cinnamon reminds me of winter and Christmas in America. These cinnamon-y cookies are great for a cool weekend afternoon… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Choccy Pud

Butter, brown sugar, milk, self-rising flour, cocoa powder. For some days now, I have been thinking with great affection about a hot self-saucing chocolate pudding – and now seems to be the time to do something meaningful about that. This is a very quick pudding to make and it’s very Shoestring too: a good thing… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Potato Gnocchi

Potatoes, eggs, flour, cheese, tomato sauce. I admit how delighted and surprised I was to find that this lazy-girl’s fast route to making potato gnocchi worked as well as it did, since mashing potatoes in a processor is a bit of a no-no – the most likely outcome of such activity being a kind of… [Read More]

Sweet Things: Coffee Cookies

Butter, icing sugar, flour, cornflour, coffee. I made a double recipe of these cookies – ate some, gave some and hid some. (Hiding sometimes seems necessary.) I must say, though, that the best time to eat these biscuits is the minute they have cooled and you have sandwiched them together. That is the moment. They are… [Read More]

Beef Bacon Rolls

Beef, egg, wine, breadcrumbs, bacon. We need to think consciously about where our food comes from, our impact on the environment, our individual contribution of waste to the planet. Even one person doing one thing each day will make a huge shift if enough of us take up the challenge. If we all do it,… [Read More]