Take 5 for Students: Chicken Soup and Cheese Scones

Chicken Soup: Chicken, sweet potato, carrot, onions, broccoli. Cheese Scones: Self-rising flour, butter, cheese, milk, parsley. A man I know is exceptionally good at finely slicing many onions (go figure?), so of course he is given great encouragement to do so. When this soup was created, it had lots of onions in it, slowly sautéed… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms I made these lovely filled mushrooms for a barbecue recently. Being wrapped in foil meant they kept all their gorgeous juices and were more steamed than dry roasted. Remove the mushroom stalks and chop them finely, along with lots of spring onions and garlic. Add a little fresh, chopped chili and stuff the mixture… [Read More]

French Cancan

One of our favourite places to take time out with a pastry is French Cancan in Wellington. This much loved French pâtisserie and café was a treasure in Newtown for some time. Now their production HQ remains in Newtown and their cafe is at 156 Willis Street. If you don’t know Cancan, you simply must… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Smoked Fish Dip

Pearl 19: Indiscriminate Cocktail-ing  “But what will eat with my evening cocktail?” Again, this question must be an occasional and not a regular event. If you are committed to being slim, you will discover a penchant for sparkling water in an elegant glass with a slice of lemon. You will decide (beforehand) how many glasses of… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Omelette

Omelette: Egg, various options such as: cheese, spinach, tomatoes, ham. An omelette is a great fall-back for when inspiration or ingredients are minimal. Good for breakfast, lunch or supper, an omelette provides the perfect carrier for whatever you have at hand – so here is my standard recipe for a one-person, two-egg omelette. Crack two… [Read More]

Sweet Couture

Louis Sargent’s Sweet Couture on Featherston Street in Wellington is the perfect place to stage a celebration. In this case it was an all-girl birthday party for a very dear friend. Though I loved the previous interior of this restaurant, I must say how very cleverly it has been transformed by a subtle metallic pink… [Read More]