Ten Twenty Four

Kent Baddeley makes his magic again. I like to play a game with people to see who has travelled the longest for the sole purpose of dining somewhere fabulous. Once my family drove 2 ½ hours each way for reputedly the finest cassoulet in France. With four small children in the car aged 1-7, this… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Go Greek Salad

Pearl 16: Serve Yourself As much as family-style dining is charming and traditional – where platters and bowls full of good food are placed on the table and everyone sits around to eat for a couple of hours – this will not help you to be a conscious eater. Plate each meal and always consider… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Grilled Lamb Chops and Piquant Parsley Toasted Cheese

One of my favorite how-to-eat books is Mireille Guiliano’s (French with an Italian surname, which has got to be the best combination in the world) French Women Don’t Get Fat. It’s an enjoyable book to read because it’s about quality of life, not obsessive calorie counting. It’s about how you see yourself, how you look… [Read More]

A Pretty Lunch

I had the opportunity to spend a long lunch with a group of about 30 women at Ruth Pretty’s lovely property just recently. Many of the women arrived by bus, and had time to play in the shop and be seduced by all the gorgeous color and food-related offerings. Coffee and cake is a bonus… [Read More]