Gipsy Kitchen

A short distance from Wellington airport is a tucked-away treasure in Strathmore. Rowan has run the Gipsy Kitchen on Glamis Avenue for six years and it has become recognized as a haven in the suburbs for quality food and friendly service. My family and I called in recently after an airport pick-up for coffee, breakfast… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Beefy Boys Baked Potato

Beefy Boys Baked Potato: Potatoes, minced beef, tomatoes, yogurt, cheese. Baked potatoes are spectacularly versatile, very satisfying and quite underutilized as a good-for-you basis for all kinds of dinner options. Don’t let anyone tell you potatoes should be avoided. They are, in fact, a wonder food – low calories, high in fiber. They are a very… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Chevy Burger

 Pearl 11: Be Yourself I have been reading some interesting people’s work today – James Altucher, Mike Dooley, Brendon Burchard – people strongly, completely focused on being themselves, on following their own leads and no one else’s. More and more, I see that to be the way forward for us – the way we make… [Read More]

Give It Up

Look at this picture! How does it make you feel? Grateful for what you have? Motivated to help? Most of us have no idea what people have experienced that would have brought them to such a place. These tents, this aid has come from Shelter Box, who provide emergency shelter and vital supplies to support… [Read More]

Do or Diet: Fish with Beetroot Salad

Pearl 10: The Guiding Principle Stop eating processed snacks and breakfast cereals – pressed, artificially flavored, colored and shaped things – like boxes of ‘frosted’ circles of multicolored, aerated rubbish that people give to their children in a bowl for breakfast. This must stop. Open the nearest window and hurl all that stuff out without… [Read More]