Do or Diet: Lime Fruit Salad

Pearl 4: You Will Have Fun Frankly, I’m no longer prepared to spend my precious time pursuing anything that I am not enjoying. I don’t even like the word diet. I don’t believe in diets. DO OR DIET is not one of those vicious diets where people are shamed and bullied and cry a lot…. [Read More]

When Women Gather

On Thursday evening I spoke at a women’s group – The East Harbour Women’s Club in Eastbourne, Wellington. The history of this group goes back to when the women in Eastbourne gathered to support each other while their men were at war. Unless we have lived through such an experience, it is hard for us… [Read More]

Take 5 for Students: Breakfast

Muesli: Rolled oats, oil, liquid honey, nuts, dried fruit. We all know breakfast is important, and we seem to care more and more about what we feed ourselves at this vital time of the day. For a long time now I have refused to buy prefab cereal. Don’t get me started on the wickedness of… [Read More]

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Mixing the pastry.

My son went to the market for vegetables the other day and came back with punnets of tiny strawberries. A dessert was required. I went straight to TAKE 5 AND COOK – THE DINNER BOOK, because I know it contains a fail-proof recipe for short pastry that would be perfect for a strawberry tart. I… [Read More]