Often when I go a great café or restaurant, I try to analyze what makes such a place work; what its x-factor is. Is it service, food, ambience? Is it friendliness – the fact that they remember your name? Or is it completely indefinable? Hmm. I don’t have the answer – do you? The same… [Read More]

Fruity with Alcohol

I was sorting the freezer yesterday and found some ice cream I had made. It was full of sweet treats – bits of chocolate, nuts and coconut. It was time for a reinvention though, as we had eaten it a couple of times. I decided I would experiment with making a fruit cake, so I… [Read More]

Chocolate for Breakfast

Sometimes in my household we allow ourselves chocolate cake for breakfast. This morning I indulged my children by making a chocolate pudding which we all ate with cream and no apologies. Ingredients: 60g (2.5oz) butter 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons cocoa powder Total 1 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup self-rising flour 2 cups boiling… [Read More]

E is for Eel

Welcome to Take 5 and Cook blog No 1 of this New Year. Take 5 as a concept is about how to get food from the pantry to the table with more ease than you could imagine. I must say how amazed I am that I still (after quite a few years) feel so wildly… [Read More]